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Technology Expertise

  • Domain Awareness Platforms
  • CCTV
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Gunshot Detection
  • Video Analytics
  • Radiological Detection
  • Record Management Systems
  • Link Analysis
  • Biological & Chemical Detection
  • Personnel & Vehicle Location Systems
  • Mapping & Analysis
  • Case Management Software
  • Mobile Data Platforms

Services Overview

Supporting a technological revolutionPsywind provides technology consulting services, from initial assessment and recommendations, through your deployment. With experience throughout the industry, Psywind understands how IoT based sensor systems and data aggregation support the development of comprehensive situational awareness platforms. These tools reduce incident response times and greatly improve personnel and event management and mitigation.

Expanded domain awarenessThe key component of all incident management is domain awareness. Psywind has a proven track record of enabling successful integrations of disparate sensor and data driven systems into a single "pane of glass" to support incident response and management. Combining command and control with data democratization, Psywind helps to bring real time information directly to the field.


Psywind can provide on-site technology assessments of existing IT infrastructure and produce recommendations for technology enhancements and new implementations


With decades of experience, Psywind can design a complete solution, including detailed budgeting and timeline. In addition, Psywind can support the development of RFPs and grant proposals.

Policy Guidance

Psywind leverages the best practices developed over countless projects to ensure that all security technologies are used efficiently and to best support the organization's needs.

Program Support

Psywind has supported countless technology projects across the country, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. These expertise can be leveraged to minimize risk and help keep programs on schedule and within budget.